about us

Marnie Clay and Jenny Owens began their partnership with a glass of wine and good friends. Their love of entertaining, flowers and design brought them together and before they knew it they had a bustling business. After a few small jobs, it became clear the bluegrass was ready for fresh faces with fresh ideas and fresh flowers. Marnie and Jenny are ridiculously creative, professional and hard working. The ingredient they add to each arrangement is a little love. It shows in their work. Both Marnie and Jenny are proud Kentucky farm gals, both with families in farming and cattle. The partnership between Marnie and Jenny draws from an endless well of femininity, strength, elegance and imagination. They are avid and eager travelers and students of traditions and trends. When you work with them you'll benefit from their knowledge, care and professionalism.


Whether you want flowers for your maid of honor, barn door, elegant tabletop, wedding cake, getaway car or farmyard animal, Marnie and Jenny can make it happen with style and panache!

You be you. They do the rest.




meet the designers


Marnie Clay

She happily creates concepts and builds contraptions to put flowers in, on, above or below. Marnie is a designer, painter, creator, eclectic art collector, hiker, traveler, mother, daughter, sister & friend. Marnie has been a speaker and contributor to University of Kentucky Art Museum Art in Bloom for 8 years. Marnie has been a student of her mother’s arrangements of greens at Christmas and her grandmother’s prized garden roses. She is a wanderer of all traditional English walled gardens (or any garden she doesn’t have to weed)

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   (859) 619-4718




Jenny Owens

Jenny is a lover of the lovely, animal whisperer, planner, calmer downer, people collector, bean counter, cheerleader, mother, daughter, sister, friend and wife. She loves all things Kentucky and is a firm believer in farm to table...and farm to vase! Gracious hostess and member of The Garden Club of Lexington.


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